Scent List (A-F)


A Clear Midnight – Garden mint blended with a fresh night air scent and a wisp of pumpkin
Abandoned Love  – White Peaches, sweet pea and creamy pear
Agree Soap Type – The timeless clean, fresh scent
Alaskan Wilderness – Bring the essence of Alaska into your home!!! A pine filled, woody forest complete with  a nearby mountain stream. This will quickly become a fave; even by men!!! 
All is Calm – The scent to wear on a peaceful Christmas Eve: Lavender and chamomile with a hint of apple and tea
All Treats, No Tricks – Milk chocolate, caramel apples, a hint of gum drops and orange candies
Amazing Grace Type – Ultra-feminine w/ notes of rosy pink florals with a musky drydown
Amazon Mist – Herbal Essences dupe. Flowers, herbs, grass & rain blend
Amber Romance Type – A nice blend of Sandalwood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla 
Angel Type – Thierry Mugler dupe. Smells like the popular fragrance; a rich combination of chocolate patchouli
Apparition– Vanilla bean blended with creamy sandalwood and a hint of musk
Apple Cinnamon – Perfect blend of apples and cinnamon
Aruba Shores –This luxuriously tropical fusion will remind you of the Caribbean; palm leaves, roses, violets, and hibiscus nestle alongside pineapple, mango and coconut with a touch of musk
Aspen Snowfall – Bay Leaf, fresh pine, red cinnamon and warm winter woodsy notes combined with hints of holiday fruits. The perfect holiday scent 
Autumn Linen – Fresh linen, clean air and crunchy fall leaves
Autumn Magic – Bask in the distinct aroma of fall. Apples, cinnamon, woods, musk sit alongside ginger, vanilla magically blend into a magical fall scent
Autumn Song – The best scents of autumn! Green and red apples, fresh air, leaves and a slight wood smoke note blended together.


Baby Grace Type – Notes of Lemon, Jasmine, Vanilla, Lily make up this scent that will make you feel comforted and nurtured
Baby Powder – A very true baby powder scent
Badedas – Enjoy this spa-like fragrance of invigorating greens, florals, citrus, musk, amber and basil
Bamboo and Coconut – Soothe your senses with this peaceful fragrance!! Breathe in the fresh air and greenery aromas mingling with coconut, pineapple, vanilla, powder and wood. Ah, Heavenly
Banana Nut Bread – Banana, walnuts and bakery notes. Smells just like the real thing! 
Bayberry – A beautiful blend of fir, balsam, nutmeg & ginger
Beachwood Vetiver – Such a relaxing blend of bergamot, elderberry, a bit of pineapple with clove and eucalyptus mixed with driftwood and vetiver
Bed of Roses – I beg your pardon; we do promise you a rose garden. Highly potent, but not at all sharp
Bedtime Bath – Calming blend of mandarin, lavender, chamomile, lily of the valley and soft musk
Bergamot – Fresh pressed zests with hints of tangerine
Biolage Matrix Type – Smells like the shampoo. Fresh green leaves, lemon zests, peaches, apples and pineapples
Birthday Cake – Sweet cake with vanilla frosting
Blackberry – Ripened blackberries straight from the patch
Blackberry Noel Madagascar – A spectacular, very pretty blended scent of fresh picked blackberries, vanilla bean noel and vangilia del Madagascar that is just delightful
Black Raspberry Vanilla – Tart berry scent with just enough vanilla
Blue Christmas – Blue Sugar, fresh blueberries and vanilla
Blueberry  – Plump juicy blueberries freshly picked from the bush
Blueberry Coconut – Fresh blueberries with a touch of coconut
Blueberry Muffins – Smells like a fresh batch from the oven
Blessed  – A luxurious, fragrant blend of blackberries, orchids, vanilla bean & linen. An absolutely beautiful aroma
Bling Bling – Pink Sugar blended with glazed donut
Blood Orange (EO) – Deep, rich orange scent
Blue Hawaiian – Notes of juicy orange, lemon, and maraschino cherries; followed by tangy pineapple, acai berry, and sea spray; along with base notes of sweet coconut and vanilla rum
Blue Noel – Blue Sugar blended with Vanilla Bean Noel
Blue Sugar Type – The men’s counterpart to Pink Sugar, YET it’s a unisex scent. Caramelized sugar and vanilla blended with notes of cedar and tonka bean. Has subtle notes of licorice, patchouli and lavende
Bobbi Brown Beach – Notes of Sand, Sea Spray, Salt, Jasmine, Mandrin
Breeze in the Keys – Tart citrus blend of lime, oranges and grapefruit with coconut and sea breezes
Brown Lemon Sugar – Sweet brown sugar meets tart, citrusy lemon
Brown Sugar – Warm & cozy scent of pure brown sugar
Buttercream Frosting – This frosting takes the cake…literally
Buttery Caramel – Most caramel scents aren’t very strong…but this one is! 


Cactus and Sea Salt – Unique scent that blends the green notes of cactus with oceanic salty notes. A Summer must-have
Cactus Flower and Jade – Bursting with the freshness of Spring!!! Blooming Chrysanthemum intermingling with aloe and fresh greenery sits among aloe and patchouli
Cake Batter Ice Cream – Delectable blend of cake batter, sugar cane and vanilla ice cream
Camay Soap Type – Take a step back in time with this squeaky-clean fresh floral scent
Campfire Smoke – The cozy, warm aroma that will tramsport you to those fun times sitting around a campfire
Candy Cane – The unmistakable Christmas scent of peppermint and vanilla with notes of sugar
Caramel Apple – Smells just like that Autumn favorite
Caramelized Pralines – A blend of warm vanilla caramel with dark brown sugar & butter drenched pecans
Caress Type – A slightly citrusy, soft scent
Caribbean Coconut – Smells like the true essence of a caribbean coconut
Caribbean Teakwood – A masculine scent. Top note of leather, tobacco, amber and musk. Middle notes of black tea and pepper. Base note is aged teakwood with tones of patchouli and sandalwood
Carina – Rich buttercream blended with vanillas, whipped cream and marshmallow
Cashmere Mist – Refreshing and woodsy with fresh floral jasmine, sandalwood & vanilla
Chai-nilla – Chai tea blended with rich vanilla
Chai Tea – Slightly spicy, slightly milky, very yummy tea scent
Chamomile – A relaxing scent of fresh picked chamomile flowers with a tad of green herbs
Child’s Room – Take a step back to a time when you took a Mr. Bubbles bubble bath: a gentle powder aroma softened with violets and a hint of peonies
Chocolate Kisses – Who doesn`t love a chocolate kiss? This smells just like the candy
Choco-Pink Cake – Delectable chocolate cake topped with pink sugar laced icing
Cinnaberry – Mulberry with a splash of cinnamon. A great holiday scent
Cinnamon – Smells like real cinnamon spice
Cinnamon Buns – These cinnamon buns are fresh from the oven and topped with sweet cream cheese frosting
Cinnamon Strudel – Wonderful baked cinnamon pastry aroma
Classic Cheesecake  – This is a very rich, creamy, spot on scent
Cloudless Climes & Starry Skies  – Layers of vanilla wafers, vanilla marshmallows and coconut cream
Coast Type – Smells just as invigorating and fresh as the soap itself
Coco-Mango Splash  – Coconut Cream, tropical mango and lime margarita
Cocomilk – Sweet coconut milk with a slight peach and vanilla sugar edge
Coconut Cotton Candy – This state fair treat goes tropical w/ a hint of coconut cream
Coffee Mocha – Coffee & Chocolate
Cola – Carbonated coca cola
Concrete Jungle – Lemons, pears and pineapples are growing in a rooftop garden among a busy city’s hustling lifescape aromas of sandalwood, cedar, vetiver and sage. This is a unisex scent
Cool Citrus Basil – Refreshing blend of citrus and herbs
Cool Water Type – This masculine scent possesses a blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood
Coral Sugar – Blend of blood orange and pink sugar. This smells amazing
Cornbread – Southern style steaming hot cornbread
Cotton Candy – Sweet; just like the carnival treat
Count Chocula – You can rely on the Count to give you a chocolaty cereal and marshmallow aroma
Cranberry – Tart, fruity with a bit of a forestry scent
Cranberry Orange Spice –  Cranberry and Orange with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove
Crazy Caramel Corn – Perfect scent for autumn! Smells just like it
Creme Brulee – Caramel, sugary dessert scent
Cuban Tobacco – This aromatic smooth scent has notes of tobacco leaf and oriental spices alongside tinges of cinnamon, cloves, wine, incense and patchouli


Day at the Spa – A very calming and centering citrusy scent infused with lemon, lime, lemongrass blended alongside patchouli, powder, and wrapped in black currant, jasmine and sugar
Dial Type – The familiar `just washed` aroma of the popular original deodorant bar soap
Dove Type – The unmistakable clean scent of dove soap
Dragon`s Blood – Smells just like the essential oil. Dragon`s blood truly has a smell all its own


Egyptian Musk – Smells like true Egyptian musk
Enduring Hope– Vanilla bean noel blended with a hint of cinnamon
Eucalyptus – A fresh, green eucalyptus scent
Eucalyptus Spearmint – soothing, relaxing blend
Every Blade of Grass – The scent of a freshly mown field of green grass


Fall Foliage – Figgy, leafy scent that is like autumn in a bottle
Febreeze – A refreshing, clean aroma that perks up your senses
Flannel Sheets – The aroma of fresh cotton and linen laundry that has been washed and hung outside in the sun to dry. Simply delightful and irresitibly joyful
Frankincense and Myrhh – Warm, spicy, slightly sweet, smoky,woodsy; earthy and sharp entwines to give off a heavenly scent
Freesia – Sweet freesia with a hint of lilacs
French Vanilla Pear – Creamy pear scent
Fresh Cotton– The fragrance is a soft clean scent of fresh cotton
Fresh Linen – Like freshly laundered clothes
Fresh Picked Strawberries – Just imagine walking through a field of strawberries with a basketful
Frosted Zucchini Grahams – Fresh-baked zucchini bread mixed with vanilla frosted grahams
Fruit Loops – This smells just like the favorite kid cereal
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